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Our Story

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Meet The Team

Our Local Community Partners

Our extensive network of community partners has empowered us to positively impact more than 1500 individuals annually. Our collaborative efforts span a wide spectrum, encompassing local primary and high schools, universities, and non-governmental organizations that align with our mission. Central to our initiatives is the commitment to maximizing our outreach by harnessing and guiding the local resources of our partner organizations. Whenever we deliver a workshop at one school, our dedicated approach ensures that we actively seek opportunities to extend these valuable experiences to other educational institutions, amplifying the reach and impact of our programs.

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Teaching Artists

Creative Borders has been profoundly transformative for everyone involved, including the Teaching Artists themselves. Initiated with the intent to transcend conventional conservatory training, this program serves as a catalyst for exposing artists to the myriad positive possibilities that unfold when one shares dedication and passion beyond the confines of gilded concert halls and traditional artistic pursuits.  As artists, we look for ways to forge connections, reflect the zeitgeist, and, ultimately, instigate change. The essence of this program lies in distilling one's "art" to its purest form — communication.


For all 15 Teaching Artists who have actively engaged in and contributed to this program, it stands as a pinnacle moment in their training. The experience goes beyond the artistic realm, extending to the profound impact that emerges from sharing novel ideas, broadening perspectives, and cultivating a deeper empathetic connection with others. Creative Borders, in essence, has become a crucible for personal and artistic growth, where the power of communication transcends boundaries and leaves an indelible mark on both creators and recipients alike.

Emerging Artist Enrichment

We aspire to reach back and extend a helping hand to the emerging generation of aspiring artists who are nearing the conclusion of their conservatory training. Our goal is to provide them with a firsthand experience that illuminates the transformative power of their art when showcased in nontraditional spaces. This commitment underscores our unwavering dedication to nurturing and empowering the artistic talents of the future. By doing so, we ensure that the influential impact of our program continues to echo through the corridors of artistic education.


Through this outreach, we aim to inspire and mold the creative journeys of emerging artists. This opportunity goes beyond imparting technical skills; it is a chance to instill a profound understanding of the real-world impact their art can wield on individuals and communities. By bridging the gap between traditional training and unconventional spaces, we seek to broaden perspectives and cultivate artists who recognize the potential of their craft to enact positive change in diverse and unexpected contexts.


In 2023, we proudly welcomed our inaugural Teaching Artist fellow, Connor Freeman, a recent graduate of The Juilliard School. This transformative journey to Gaborone with Creative Borders was made possible through the generous sponsorship of Ms. Tacon, a benefactor from Juilliard, with the full support of Juilliard's President, Mr. Damian Woetzel. Connor's involvement not only exemplified the strong connection between artistic institutions and Creative Borders but also showcased the shared commitment to fostering cross-cultural exchange and artistic enrichment.


We are actively pursuing institutional sponsorship to pave the way for future fellowship opportunities. By securing support from organizations that share our vision and commitment to fostering artistic growth and cross-cultural exchange, we aim to expand the scope of opportunities for emerging talents and further enhance the transformative impact of our programs. 

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